Raw Reflections from the Journey

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Forsaking an Overweight Mindset

I have a complaint about the program I followed to lose 50lbs of unwanted weight.  I lost the weight faster than my mind could adjust.  Let me explain.
The first occurrence was while riding bikes (cycling, we call it) with two young bucks who were pushing the pace.  As I led up a climb I kept pressing my legs and lungs for more, sure that they were nipping at my heels, that I was going too slowly, and that they were frustrated with the old (fat) man.  Head down, determined to not be the weak link in the chain, I didn’t look back for several minutes.  Finally, upon arrival at the top I glanced over my shoulder, and was stunned to see them ¼ mile behind!  So I slowed and waited while they worked to catch up.  Upon arrival their eyes were wide with surprise.  “What happened to you?”  “Guess I’ve got less to carry up the hill”, I replied with surprise.
Next is a near daily occurrence of taking hold of pants to put on.  “These are way too small.  They’ll never fit”, I think to myself.  This has been a frequent and frustrating experience and conversation with myself the past few years as I rummaged for something other than my tried and true “fat clothes”.  Often I self-administered some rationalization that they must have been shrunk in the dryer.  But now, the small pants/shorts not only fit, and they’re getting looser by the day! 
Then there’s walking stairs, doing yard work, hugging my wife; all much more comfortable experiences than the past.  I don’t perspire or huff and puff as much, and my body/joints don’t hurt after everyday exertions.  Truly Amazing!  I’m definitely riding the wave of a honeymoon with a recovered physique!
So, I have a question for the veterans of slimmer living.  How long does it take for your mind to adjust to your body?  I feel a bit disoriented.  Not enough to reverse course to a higher body weight again, mind you!  Yet, there are some aspects of familiarity with being overweight that I don’t want to lose.
The other day, while sharing the program with a person burdened by too much weight, she cried about how painful it is on a daily basis to look at herself in the mirror, and to feel how she feels.  As she tearfully described a long history of failure, frustration and hopelessness I too felt tears run down my cheeks.  The painful emotions she is feeling are all too familiar and all too recent.  However, my tears of compassion soon turned into tears of joy as I encouraged her about the effectiveness of this program, and that The Great Physician might use it to heal her from her overwhelming physical and emotional burdens. 
Well, thanks for listening to a bit more of my reflections and excitement about this whole physical transformation thing.  How is it hitting you?  Do you too need a weight loss miracle and physical relief/healing that might come with it? 
I’m just so grateful for what I’ve received that I can’t help but share it!
Please drop me a note or give me a ring if you’d like to know more.

Gratefully, Jeff