Raw Reflections from the Journey

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let Jesus Lead (He does a really good job!)

The first Marriage Miracles conference was held yesterday!  Praise and worship, testimonies from couples who have received miracles, teaching and prayer. . . It was an experience that staff and participants won't soon forget. Why? Because the team of 16 let Jesus lead (and discovered that He's really good at it!)

Twelve took the mic to make contributions, and four served behind the scenes, but all were submitted to the Holy Spirit, which resulted in a peaceful and powerful choreography of praise and worship, testimony, teaching and exhortation.

His Spirit of Hope and Peace was strong!   "Peace, be still" was a word that was shared, "The Holy Spirit, like a translucent dove is descending on the waters, and stirring it in a way that will bring good.  And the ripples in the water are to be understood as good, not ones that will harm or overcome."

The morning began with some final instructions from the Initiator (the conference was birthed in listening prayer, so we kept listening and following His lead throughout).

  • Point to me
  • Flow with my Spirit
  • Celebrate Grace
During the first few quiet/private moments of reflection after the conference I replayed some conversations in which staff said "Good job!" or "Thank you for the opportunity to share our testimony, lead worship (etc.)", and I saw Jesus in my mind, quietly smiling, waiting for me/us to turn to Him.  "Thank you Jesus.  You did a really good job today."  And in response He said, "And all of you did a really good job following my lead."

It really was the Body of Christ at its best.  The Maestro assembled an A Team to usher us into the presence of God and to bear witness to the marvels He has done to heal restore and multiply hope inspiring ministry through couples He has saved from a myriad of sin and pain.  Sexual immorality and addiction, co-dependent control, withering anger and blame, overwhelming sorrow and bitterness about a child being severely assaulted, etc.   What a joy to hear the conclusion from all, "What He did for us, He can do for you."

On a personal note, it was a joy for Jill and me to minister publicly in our home town, the first time since 2004.  It was then that He used us to spark a marriage initiative, but ever since, the bulk of our ministry has been in other places (we  lived in Maryland 2005-10).  And what a joy to partner with folks we've served with before (Lavern and Ronda Nissley, Marriage Resource Center of Miami Valley,  Barb Dotson, Citi Lookout).  

Will we do a Marriage Miracles conference again?  And it so, when and where?  Back to listening prayer.  And if this intrigues you and God puts marriages in your locale on your heart, please pray and listen.  As we do the same, perhaps He'll have us partner together for others.

Father, we thank you for using us to plant and water some seeds of hope for couples in need yesterday.  Now, we trust them to you, because it is you who makes them grow!  ( I Corinthians 3).

Hopefully, Jeff and Jill