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Monday, May 25, 2009

Reconciling Relationships

Papa brought her to mind. We'd been connected in a divine appointment three years ago to help each other to grow in Christ...and, we'd butted heads a number of times that led to periods of silence and separation.

Strong people are made by God for specific purposes, and the bane of our existence is conflict and relational brokenness. Why? I think it is incumbent on us more than other temperaments to learn love as the medium to convey our heart.

God's prompt to my spirit was to ask for a conversation during which I might apologize for words and actions that had offended and injured. With courage Father provided I texted my sister, "Would you be willing for a meeting that I might apologize and ask forgiveness?" She responded graciously. "Yes, I've missed you."

We met today. My sister gave me a warm hug and said she'd really missed me. I was stunned by the warmth of her reception. Her grace made it all the easier to say that I was sorry for all of the ways I've offended and hurt her.

It is rather remarkable how relationships can be repaired and rejoined when we submit to God's pruning of our hearts, and we act in humility to take 100% responsibility for our part of the problems.

Today's reunion with my sister was a miraculous resurrection of a God-given, mutually beneficial relationship that is continuing only because we have both submitted to God's way.

Who has Father brought to mind recently? Have you heard a whisper of longing to be reunited with a brother or sister with whom you were once very close? What happened? Was it a misunderstanding, or words spoken out of pain or immature passion? Take heart. Father knows how to heal these things. Ask Him for grace and courage to apologize from the heart and watch what He does.

God bless, Jeff

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