Raw Reflections from the Journey

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dead to Doing

I expected to only record a 5 minute blurb for the local Christian Radio station; that was their invitation. But, their ask was different when I got there, "Would you be willing to record eight segments for a show on Monday?" Ok. I was pleased with my internal response, "Whatever, Lord."

Upon return to Springfield which began as a part-time commute last January, I heard, "Wait to be invited." That's a pretty significant guideline for a type A, choleric driver who likes to get a lot done. But, it was a reiteration of His ongoing direction to me/us since 2006, "Do well with those I put on your path."

The way of some ministries we'd been involved with to that point was to drive, drive, drive, push, push, push...for numbers; the more the better (but was it really?). Sure, the Kingdom of God is about numbers, He wills that none would perish. But it must be Him who opens the doors of influence and opportunity.

A local pastor with growing influence in my life (Neil Haney) talks about Christ working through us vs. working for Him. The latter leaves us exhausted on adrenaline peaks and valleys, but the former is a peaceful flow and release of His life through us, to others, wherever and whenever He directs.

There was a time I would have thought that a "media appearance" was the best thing in my week. "I'm validated. Someone wants to hear from me!" But for some reason, it's different now. I was content to fulfill my friend's request at WEEC for a 5 minute blurb, and just as content to keep talking as they opened the door to share more. "Whatever", I thought. "He will open doors that can't be shut, and shut doors that can't be opened."

It's a more peaceful and joyful existence to wait for His invitations, and to peaceably walk in what He wants, releasing His life within where He directs. Goodbye striving and straining...hello godliness with contentment.



  1. When did you hear this from Neil?

  2. Ah, the joy of living loved by Papa. Thanks for continuing to share life with us. Dutch rubs went all around last night and dance videos from tonight are coming to your local email account soon!