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Thursday, January 6, 2011

An Ode to Laura (Beth)

Her life almost wasn't. Her mother badly wanted a third child, but her father doubted if he had enough love and could "earn" enough provisions to nurture her. The mother persuaded the father. A night of passion ensued. A child was born.

Laura is a remarkable soul; tender and compassionate, she is a tenacious and gracious friend and sister.

What motivated my writing? I'm listening to the music of this lovely young lady. She is tenderly tickling the ivories to express the tender and creative nuances of her soul...and her papa is crying.

A remarkable talent is now thriving in this world to bless, inspire and encourage just as her PAPA ordained.

Laura, as we discussed before your first choir solo this past Christmas: You have been given a special gift by your Maker to bless, inspire and exhort others. May you nurture and express all that He has put into you, and as you do may you enjoy Him and find pleasure in that which He has created you to do.

I love you. Dad

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