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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Acts 3 - Silver or Gold Have I None, But What I Have I Give Thee!

I just love this story…Peter and John on the way to a prayer meeting…a man crippled from birth carried to a place where he could solicit for handouts. Peter saying, “I don’t have what you want, but I can give you what you need!”

How does Jesus continually do the same for us. We ask for what we want, but He gives us what we need, including the experiences we need in order to have opportunity to have Him formed in us! (Romans 8).

And then Peter, realizing a crowd has gathered in response to the celebration of the man who was healed, seizes the opportunity to make clear how the man was healed, “Not by my/our piousness or our own power” but by God through his son Jesus, who He glorified….and then on to the same type of message of conviction he’d preached at Pentecost in chapter 2.

Makes me think of I Peter, 3:15 “Always be prepared to speak about the reason for the hope that you have.” These words were in Peter’s heart and mind…he was ready on a moment’s notice to testify to what he’s seen, and to preach a message of truth unto conviction and repentance.

The point shouldn’t be missed how Peter’s courage to preach such a bold message was in stark contrast to his cowardice during the passion when he denied knowing Jesus, and the restoration process that followed on the beach, “Peter, do you love me…” Yet more evidence that Jesus was raised from the dead. Peter wouldn’t be preaching like this for a lie, and certainly wouldn’t be risking his neck after a history of saving it.

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