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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Coming Home

I'm so glad to be home and thrilled that Jill and the girls are happy to see me! It is such a blessing to be loved and desired!

From the curb of Reagan airport in DC I could see Jill's grin from 50 yards away as she drove up to get me. We disregarded light traffic to enjoy our first embrace. At home Harley met me at the door with squeals and attempts to lick me. He was followed by my girls who didn't squeal, but did give me strong hugs and smiles. It's good to be home, where I am wanted and loved.

Our friend Rick (Moore) went home yesterday, too. He's been ravaged for a year by devastating melanoma (cancer), but yesterday he experienced the ultimate healing. He was greeted by Jesus and the angels, and restored to abundant health, given a new body, and will now await not only his wife, children and grandchildren, but also all of those that he helped to lead and influence for Christ through years of daily dedicated and quietly passionate evangelism through his life.

On the same day I said hello again to my family Rick said goodbye to his. I'm feeling very bittersweet today. He's really one of my first contemporaries who has gone on to be with the Lord. Dear Mary Lou, Rick (Jr.), Matt, Ben and Ashley, We love you and hope you feel our care and prayers...

What a good thing to be remembered in a good way. It is certain that the Moore family and many others will sob for their loss, but ultimately they will be consoled because they aren't grieving without hope. One day they'll go home too.

Upon your transition to eternity, how will you be remembered?

Living loved, living loving, and loving living,


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