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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tears are still drying on my cheeks as I write this post. I just wrote a goodbye letter to a friend of 20 years. He has weeks to live unless Jesus decides that it would be a better plan to heal him.

Rick Moore is father of four and grandfather to several more. He is one of the most generous, tireless and patient men of God I've had the privilege to know. In 2003 when God commissioned Jill and me to launch a community marriage initiative, Rick was one of the first names on a short list of potential directors to serve on the board to protect the vision and to execute the mission. That told me how much I think of him.

Rick lives in our former hometown, Springfield, Ohio. I don't know if I'll see him before he sees Jesus, so today I wrote a goodbye letter. Here's a portion:

Rick, I want to tell you that when I think about you I think about a life well lived for Christ, and that you have been one of my heroes for several reasons:

1.You have been a tireless and faithful servant on the board at First Christian forever.
2.You invested your vacations to go to camp to serve others at Butler Springs
3.You raised your family in the Lord.
4.You faithfully loved and served Mary Lou. When I think of a healthy and happy marriage, I think of you.
5.You can do the electric slide, .

The Church at Springfield (Ohio, several congregations represented) recently took fellowship, prayer and worship to the Moore home. Rick wanted to be with his brothers and sisters. The count for the evening was reportedly over 450 persons. What a great idea to say goodbye while still among the living.

Once again the brevity and unpredictability of life is illustrated. The story is all to familiar. Last year Rick went to the Dr. to have minor problem examined...

The point to me is to be about Father's business of loving Him, and living loving with others every breath, and to live without regret regarding how we invest our time for the Lord in the lives of others. Rick is leaving a legacy of Christ in the lives of many, and I dare say he will move from this life to the next without regret about how he invested his limited days.

God bless you, brother. Thank you for your quiet example of joyful faithful love and service to the King, your family and many others.

With love, Jeff

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