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Monday, March 7, 2011

No Rose Garden (but plenty of water for the flowers...in the basement)

April (March) showers bring May flowers...

Well, there's been plenty of water, but no flowers in our basement...as of yet.

This past Saturday morning had a leisurely beginning...barista Jeff had created his and her cappuccinos, we'd taken a walk (during which we noticed which houses were perched above the flood waters and which ones weren't). "I'm glad our sump pump is working well", I thought to myself. Little did we know.

At home, after our walk we'd begun to consider how to invest the open day when Laura sprung from the basement to announce, "There's a flood!"

Oh no! The sump pump had taken a nap, and 4-6 inches of spring rains were rippling across every square inch of the basement...groan. Spontaneous healing of the pump helped the waters to recede, but the damage was done; carpet and padding, soaked wooden furniture legs, and thousands of papers, journals, pictures...oh well, we did say we wanted to lighten our load the next time we move.

"These light and momentary troubles..."

Tim and Bridget (our landlords) were great as usual; kind, compassionate and responsive. Within minutes they'd made insurance calls (I made ours with my feet still covered in water..a true SOS call from the basement), and arranged a professional group to clean and restore. Thus began a parade of water workers. By phone and email we celebrated mutual grace and compassion; "Life happens...why get our knickers all knotted up?"

By Sunday afternoon it was getting old. Adrenaline of a new challenge had worn away, and now came the inconvenience, work, smells and the realization that house guests due w/in the week would have to be placed in places that we hadn't planned to place them...but we'll be together (Carly and Gabby, Jocelyn and Bella). Being together and staying together through life's valleys is what it's all about anyhow, right?

Jill and I shared an emotional jug last night (no, not homemade moonshine to allay our anxieties), but rather a talking exercise designed to help us identify and express honest feelings. It's cathartic and builds closeness. After working through mad, sad and scared feelings we got to glad. "What are you glad about?"

"I'm glad that we've learned in life challenges to turn to Jesus"
, I said. "His words are comforting", I thought. "Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest", and "In this world you will have many troubles, but take heart. I have overcome the world."

Light and momentary troubles...that are achieving a victory in us that overcomes the world. yep. I'm glad for unexpected challenges...even if they are a bit wet!

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